Basic Rules When Working as an Escort

Escorts working in different parts of the work make a lot of money. This is because businessmen and women travelling for various trips, work and vacations like to hire escorts for the company and the pleasure.

Working as an escort is legal but not by any means risk free. Remember, you are mostly meeting up with strangers and it would be convenient if you ensure your safety first.

If the idea of becoming an escort has been in your mind, you should definitely go for it. being an escort is a fun profession which you get paid for, not to mention that you get to meet new and exciting people, visit new restaurants and also travel to other countries in some cases.

Screen your clients

If you are new to the escort business, this is one important rule you have to keep in mind. Always screen the client before agree on any set ups. Don’t ever set up a meeting when you have no information about the client’s background.

You are responsible for your safety, so you have to take measures that will keep you safe at all times. Start by asking for their name and mobile number or landline number to ensure you are meeting a genuine person.

The number will also help you keep in touch with them in case they change the plan or switch up the meeting point. Basically, ensure you know the client and understand their needs plus you agree with them before you meet them. Understand their expectations so you can know what to expect when you meet.


Professionalism in the number one sort out attributes by clients in many agency fields. You need to cater to the needs of the clients while also maintaining a high level of professionalism. Start by ensuring you are polite throughout the phone calls and your sessions. Remember, this is just a casual date meaning you are not to develop any feelings for your clients and don’t give them an impression that you are their lover. It is not our job to fall in love with the client.

Stay anonymous

Anonymity is very important in this type of business. A pseudo name can be helpful when you want to stay anonymous with your clients. also, do not disclose your address, personal life and family. You never know what some clients can do once they get a hold of your information. Don’t carry personal items that can disclose important private details with your clients.

Make sure you get paid

Regardless of the amount of fun you have with your client, remember this is your job. You have to ensure the client pays you according to the time they take up with you. don’t accept any other payment that what you had agreed upon when you spoke online.

This means you should not accept any other payment than upfront cash. If they don’t have the cash, they could get it from their card before hey leave.  Be very cautious about accepting any credit cards because they may not have any cash on them.

Stay safe

Working with an agency is the best thing for an escort because it ensures safety physically and monetary wise at all times. Always share the clients contact and booking details with your agency before you meet up with the client.